2/4/6 Corner Trays

4 corner tray (1 or 2 piece)- is a structure of four glued flap with a full sealed bottom tray. Each corner has a diagonal score that allows the sides of the tray fold inward into a collapsed position. 6 corner- tray has a lid that doesn’t tuck but instead locks in place on the front panel.

6 Corner Tray
POP Tray Display

Infold/Outfold Trays

An alternative to the four corner beers tray. The infold/outfold combination allows this style to have a top lid that conveniently collapses inward over the easily filled outfold bottom.

4 Corner 1
4 Corner Tray 2
Outfold/Frontfold Trays 2
Outfold/Frontfold Trays 3
Infold Outfold Tray
Infold Outfold Tray 2

6 Corner Frontfold

Ideal for various bakery and food cartons. This six corner front fold is strong and can be designed in a square or a longer narrow box. The 6 glued flaps include 4 on the tray and 2 on the lid which gives more choice for carton dimensions.

6 Corner Frontfold
6 Corner Tray