Auto Lock Bottom

Also known as an Auto Bottom Carton, is a folding carton box with a pre-glued automatic locking bottom. Just squeeze and box pops into shape with bottom already locked closed. The glued bottom allows the box to support heavy items.

Auto Lock Bottom 1
Auto Lock Bottom 2
Auto Lock Bottom 3
Auto Lock Bottom 4
Auto Lock Bottom 5

Auto Bottom Pull Drawer Box

Multifold’s Auto Bottom Pull Drawer Dispenser Box has a pull-out drawer designed to open multiple times. This flip out pull drawer / dispenser drawer is suitable for a broad range of light boxes such as custom food boxes and pharmaceutical boxes. The Auto bottom ensures fast assembly for retail display. These unique packaging boxes can be used in medicine packaging, retail packaging, candy bar packaging, tea packaging, as well as food packaging.

Auto Bottom Pull Drawer 1
Auto Bottom Pull Drawer 2
Auto Bottom Pull Drawer 3
Auto Bottom Pull Drawer 4