Bottle Neck Collars

This straight tuck design can be used to “cone” a bottle top.

Bottle Neck Collars 1
Bottle Neck Collars 2
Bottle Neck Collars 3
Bottle Neck Collars 4

Simplex/Double Wall

This style has double layered side walls to protect fragile products..

Simplex/Double Wall 1
Simplex/Double Wall 2
Simplex/Double Wall 3
Simplex/Double Wall 4

3,6 Cell Box/Multi-cell Carton

These cartons can have multiple cells. Usually used for vials or lipstick holders

Multi cell carton 1
Multi cell carton 2
Multi cell carton 3
Multi cell carton 4

POP Display

Multiflold can produce a wide range of POP point -of-purchase display cartons to suite your client’s needs! We can create your displays in eye catching colours in high quality print. Ensure that your display shows quality of design, materials, and assembly. Display boxes, dispenser boxes, trays and more!

POP Display Box 1
POP Display Box 2


This is commonly used to display a logo and a message, or used as a dispenser for small POP (Point of Purchase) merchandise. Two side panels fold back and lock into position to provide stability. It does not need to be glued.

Easel 1
Easel 2
Easel 3
Easel 4

Slip Case/Finished Edge

A slipcase is a five-sided box. It can hold books, binders, or CD sets that are slipped in for protection, leaving the spine exposed.

Slip case/Finished Edge 1
Slip Case/Finished Edge 2
Slip Case/Finished Edge 3
Slip Case/Finished Edge 4
Slip Case/Finished Edge 5


Usually an auto bottom style that has a triangular shaped top which forms a handle.

Gable Purse
Gable Top

Finished Edge

A finished edge box is often used in high end cosmetic, liquor, and pharmaceutical packaging when somebody wants a nice clean finished edge and does not want to see the cut edge of the paper or SBS.

The finished edge is created by back folding the opening of a sleeve or the edges of the box and gluing them inside. These types of folding cartons or sleeves are run on Multifolds right angle gluers completing the folding and gluing in one pass!

Finished Edge 1
Finished Edge 2
Finished Edge 3
Finished Edge 4