Pocket Folder

Pocket folders are also known as “presentation folders”. At Multifold Trade Finishing we can fully customize your Pocket Folders / Presentation folders with pockets, with slots for cards and print. These are pre-folded, assembled, and glued. Let Multifold create what you need for your client.

Pocket Folder


A gusset at the bottom helps the packaging hold heavier objects without tearing. The extra strength in structure can also allow for use of a lighter substrate. Food packaging often utilizes gussets as they are designed to help the package expand and hold a larger quantity. Glued on the Swifty Right Angle. Multifold Trade Finishing is here to help you meet the requirements of your project.

Gusset 1
Gusset 2
Gusset 3

Key Card Holder

Key card holders are a way to add upscale branding to hotel room key cards. This sleeve cover can be custom printed with logos and provides extra space for information. The key card holder design makes the card more secure and mobile. The sleeve covers the card and protects the magnetic strip on the card from damage. Custom printing leaves room for advertising, extra information, and a blank space to write a name or room number. Multifold can create any folding format.

2 Pocket Key Gift Card Holder
Hotel Key Credit Gift Card Sleeve
Horizontal Gift Key Card Holder
Curved Right Pocket Key Gift Card Holder

CD/DVD Holder

Multifold Trade Finishing can help you provide your client with custom CD/DVD cases. These are available in single, double or triple capacity with a wide variety of options. Custom designs can be printed in full colour. Let us help you provide your client with attractive CD / DVD protection.

CD/DVD Holder 1
CD/DVD Holder 2