We specialize in folding cartons. A folding carton starts as a sheet of paperboard measured in thousandths of an inch (i.e. .016, .024). It may or may not be printed. The sheet is then cut, scored, folded and glued to produce a folding carton. A corrugate box is constructed with multi-ply fibers and is measured by flute size (i.e. B, C or E).

The proper sequence of dimensions is Length x Width x Depth. Place the carton in front of you with the open end up. Length is the longest open-end dimensions from left to right. Width is the shortest open-end dimension from front to back. Depth is the remaining dimension from top to bottom.

Once we know the carton style, dimensions, paperboard type including caliper, and quantity, we can provide you with a price quote within 1-24 hours.

This will depend on the quantity of the order. We provide our customers with reasonable and feasible lead times. Much of our work is time sensitive and we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Cellophane windowing
120-2miL polypropylene - roll form
142-7miL mylar/cellophane material - roll form
Rigid (hard) windowing – pick and place PET/PVC windowing machines for tipping items that require tight registration.
Range: 10pt-16pt Rigid (hard) window
Rigid window pick and placement includes single and double scored windows.

We accept payment by check. We also require all new clients to complete a credit application and a terms & conditions form.

No, we do not accept payment by credit card.

Yes, we frequently work on sensitive projects requiring confidential treatment and will happily accommodate your privacy needs.